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The Music



Covering a variety of music styles ranging from Rock, Electronic, Pop and Blues, Lucan Wolf's music and spellbinding vocals will take you on a journey through otherworldly realms.
Songs of Witches, Warriors, Vampires , Darkness, Light and Magic.
All performed in his unique, magically distinct musical style. 

Lucan Wolf's albums and single tracks are available for purchase  through his online music  store below and at all major music download services worldwide.
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Weaving A Spell

Albums in release - "Warrior" (2009)  "Hoodoo Man" (2012)  "Vampire Nights" - Remastered. (2013)

"Spellbound" (2014)  "13 Witches" (2015) "The Vampire" (2016)

Lucan Wolf is internationally known as an artist who has written, recorded and performed music across genres.
Not only recognized for his spellbinding songs and music, his numerous television and convention appearances, interviews on radio, net radio, and with national, regional magazines and newspapers have garnered a devoted following of fans and friends worldwide.

Lucan's music has also been heard on FOX Sports in different worldwide markets along with use by television series such as The Bachelorette Australia, MTV UK and NCIS  to name a few.
His songs are featured in the horror-comedy films "Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood" (2004) and "Blood Scarab"  (2008).

In 2008 Lucan Wolf was voted "Man Of The Year" by listeners in the Hampton Roads 7 Cities area of WROX  FM Alternative Rock.
That same year his music swept Internet Radio Station GFR RADIO's first international music contest winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards.

Lucan is also known for his trademark award winning Celtic-Nordic tribal tattoos which reflect his heritage, his struggles through the years and his Spiritual and Magical beliefs.
All these garnering front page news and a feature interview in the 7 cities Newspaper of Hampton Roads Virginia, The Virginian-Pilot as well as other nationally published tattoo magazines.

Lucan Wolf is a solitary, eclectic Witch of over 40 years and has been vocal in his opposition to "mainstream" media representation and portrayal of Witches in film and television as too often being "Evil" or "Satanic" which in fact, true practitioners are not.
He has also supported Conservative Witches, traditional social and family values.

Lucan was also featured in an extensive interview in the Southeast regionally published Portfolio Magazine October 2003 issue regarding popular misconceptions about Witches and the practice of Witchcraft in response to comments made by Rev. Pat Robertson.

Lucan Wolf is  member and supporter of "The Black Hat Society" (BHS) which has many independent members and chapters nationwide.
These chapters are formed of Witches, Wiccans and people of other beliefs and paths. They gather not only for coven, spiritual meetings or just friendly party events, but are active in social and charitable workings.
Contributions, volunteering, and fund raising for:
Local Food Banks
American Red Cross Blood Drive
City Homeless Shelters
Various children's medical assistance, treatment programs and charities.
Environmental donation support and area/neighborhood clean up.
Support of Fire and Rescue
Support of Law Enforcement
Support of Active Military, Veterans and wounded warrior organizations.

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